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Zasady rezerwacji grupowej

Your reservation has been flagged as a ?Group Booking? and therefore this policy shall apply.  If you have booked via one of our booking partners (, Tripadvisor, Airbnb etc.) then this policy is contained within the terms and conditions.  If you disagree with any terms of this policy, you are entitled to cancel your reservation however, we reserve the right to retain/collect the full amount paid/owed
  • 1.1.  All guests should treat each other with dignity and respect at all times.  Anti-social behaviour will           not            be tolerated.
  • 1.2.  Anti-social behaviour includes excessive noise between 11pm and 7am, causing alarm or distress to    other persons within the building and but not limited to, failing to follow instruction from staff.
  • 1.3.  Groups that have a majority occupancy within a dormitory (I,e. 8 group in a 10 bed dorm) will                   respect other guests within the room - lights/noise/nuisance etc.
  • 2.1.  In the event that intentional damage has been caused to the fixtures, fittings or linen during your           stay, the following charges will apply;
                                    Broken bed             £150.00
                                    Broken window      £80.00 (Per pane)
                                    Soiling of carpet     £100.00
                                    Ruined Linen          £50.00
  • 2.2.  Damage to the buildings furniture and or internal structure will be quantified and charged      accordingly.
  • 3.0.  Fire exits are just that - Exits in the event of a fire.  If you open a fire exit, the fire alarm will sound!          The           building will evacuate and the fire service will arrive - In addition to charging you £150.00 we will also   identify you to all the other guests standing in their dressing gowns outside! - Please, don?t abuse the exits!  The same applies to the fire extinguishers, use in non emergency will result in a £150 fine applied   to your reservation)
If any of the above becomes applicable during your stay, your card used to make the reservation will be charged and you will be notified.  If your card declines, we may take further action to recover the sums due.
We hate to be spoil sports and we realise that having rules is not what you want on your group adventure however, the minority spoil it for the majority and as a business, we must protect ourselves.  Party on!
Your agreement to this is taken as having been accepted should you proceed to book with us.